Sibaires is a rental agency for temporary furnished apartment based in downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 2007, Sibaires offers anyone who is planning a stay in Buenos Aires the possibility of choosing the most appropriate accommodation according to their needs.

Our apartments are located in the most attractive areas of the city: San Telmo the colonial district, famous for its Sunday flea market, its cobble stone streets and of course, Tango; Recoleta the « chic » district with its beautiful boutiques is often referred to as the « Petit Paris »; Palermo Hollywood & Las Cañitas known for its luxury dining and high end shopping; Palermo Soho and its « trendy » shops, coffee-shops and fancy restaurants; and downtown Buenos Aires where the city’s main monuments can be found.

Our website will permit you to search and find a place according multi criteria: neighborhood, budget, type of apartment (studio apartment, two-bedroom apartment), etc.

  Sibaires strives to be an easy-to-use website, which is simple to navigate and enjoyable to visit. We do our best to ensure that you will be able to plan your stay in Buenos Aires according to your expectations.

Our Franco-Argentina team offers also a large array of complementary services, including: personal guided tours which presents the most important touristic and cultural places of Buenos Aires; transfers from/to the international airport; organization of to excursions outside of the city; Tango shows reservations, etc. We want that our guests discover the very best of what Buenos Aires and Argentina have to offer, while feeling comfortable and having access to information. Trust and reactivity are our main objectives in customer service.

All of this with the sole purpose of making your stay in Buenos Aires an unforgettable one.
September 14th, 2015
Still without plans for the next week-end?
Don’t miss this listing of 10 totally free tourist attractions which can’t be missed during your stay in Buenos Aires.
Follow this link for more information.
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"Antigua Florida"
August 19th, 2015
A little bit of history - On a map from 1582, it already appeared the route which several centuries later became the main pedestrian street of Buenos Aires: Florida Street.
During the festivities for the centenary of the revolution of May 1910, Buenos Aires celebrated and Florida Street, already an important shopping street, was the main traffic way. From 1913, some parts of the Street became pedestrian, and, finally, in 1971, the traffic was completely prohibited for car drivers.
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The espresso guide to Buenos Aires…
July 17th, 2015
Buenos Aires has a long-standing café culture, its many historic cafes the regular stamping ground of our city’s most illustrious literary and political figures. Guidebooks will direct you to Café Tortoni, El Faro or Confiteria las Violetas, but there are dozens more to explore throughout the city, some with daily tango shows.
Sit at any of the city's 73 historic listed cafes (known as Cafes Notables) and enjoy a typical Argentinean cortado, a shot of espresso topped with a thin layer of milk and foam.
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Come to admire Buenos Aires from its viewpoints...
June 24th, 2015
The city offers several privileged observation points... Domes, passages, palaces... There is so much to admire in Buenos Aires! The historical and cultural heritage of BA is unimaginable.
There are guided tours to enjoy its views in the "Automovil Club Argentino", hotel Panamericano, Güemes Gallery and the Basilica of Santa Rosa de Lima. All visits are free! Find out how to register.
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The districts!

Downtown Buenos Aires is mainly a business district, very busy the working days and more quiet during the week-ends. The area offers the main historical monuments of the city, amongst others, the Obelisk, emblem of the city, located on 9 de Julio Av., the widest avenue in the world...


Palermo is the biggest district of Buenos Aires and it offers many beautiful green spaces. It is itself divided into several areas: Palermo Hollywood and Las Cañitas known for its nightlife, bars and fancy restaurants; Palermo Soho, the trendy area of Buenos Aires with its fashion boutiques…


Central, rich in history, San Telmo and Montserrat offer an impressive architecture with a multitude of beautiful colonial buildings. San Telmo is the cradle of Tango, the bohemian neighborhood, more touristic with its old restaurants, its art gallery, its famous flea market every Sunday...

Palermo & Las Cañitas
San Telmo & La Boca

Dating from the late 80s, Puerto Madero is the “new” district of Buenos Aires. Its location close from Downtown, its modern buildings, its luxury hotels and its fancy restaurants, make of it one of the most expensive places of Buenos Aires and one of the most particular districts...


«Chic» area of Buenos Aires, sometimes named «Petit Paris», rich and residential, Recoleta is an important cultural and touristic area close from Downtown. It is a fascinating place for its architecture and its history, with, amongst others, its wonderful cemetery...


Retiro is a central district, also associated with Downtown Buenos Aires. It is in Retiro that Florida Street, the main pedestrian Street of Buenos Aires, ends. Retiro is also known for its splendid commercial gallery Pacifico and San Martin Square, one of the most beautiful square of the city...

Puerto Madero